Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Chin chin old bean

"@IDS_MP. Chin chin old bean. Parodia Spucatum tauri, Westminster"
It appears that David Cameron was confused with tweets sent from @IDS_MP, which is not  the real Iain Duncan Smith, who doesn't even have a Twitter account. He included @IDS_MP in a Tweet he sent out from the Downing Street!
As a report noted, the @IDS_MP account  includes the phrase "Parodia Spucatum tauri" in its description. The IDS profile is a rough latin translation of "parody bullshit".
"It was just a bit of a dig," the author explained. "A bit of fun. I try not to take Twitter too seriously and it's always good to poke fun at our MPs. Times are quite difficult, the country's in a mess and I get quite angry with a lot of things. It's a way of expressing myself.""
It is very much in the tradition of Private Eye's "Dear Bill", a clear parody, but wickedly funny all the same. It should be noted (for lawyers present) that the real Ian Duncan Smith does not hold any of these opinions. And the author has not yet received any requests to close the account.
Here are some satirical sound bites from the definitely fake IDS Twitter account:
GOVERNMENT ADVICE: If your home is in the path of the storm, head to your second or third home for safety. #ukstorm
Our #ukstorm advice to the south is don't work, stay at home and watch TV. The north can just carry on doing that as normal.
Here are a few others posted recently
Labour Voters! Don't forget to put your clocks back to 1974
Can't get hold of President Obama, so I've left him a message on Angela Merkel's voicemail.
By taking care of them, you can save money spent on costly Poppies each remembrance. I've had mine for ten years now #Remembrance
Don't let fuel poverty spoil this years winter fun! Tesco value ketchup makes an ideal dip to turn icicles into fun ice pops for kids
My salary is £65,000 a year. After petrol, food and housing are deducted I'm only left with £65,000 a year. I deserve an 11% pay rise
Install a bike powered dynamo in your home. This will provide free electricity, keep you warm and improve your fitness. Vote Tory!
#CameronHeatingTips Save cash by smearing the elderly with Deep Heat
If you worry about the cost of buying a jumper to stay warm try Tesco value tin foil instead. It makes an ideal budget 'space blanket'
We are working hard to eliminate obesity in children, by starving them all. Vote Tory! #FatChildrenDebate
Save money by telling your child he has no soldiers with his boiled egg because they're in Afghanistan or redundant #thriftythursday
Help the elderly and vulnerable cope with increased fuel prices by encouraging them to jog to the food bank.
As the nights draw in it's important you check on elderly neighbours, to report if they have vacant spare rooms before it's too dark to see.

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