Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vote John Le Maistre for Constable

It's the election for a new Constable in Grouville today, and I'd strongly recommend voting for John Le Maistre. He will bring a fresh vision of a younger man to the Parish (and has been actively involved in the Parish Youth Club), but his family also has roots in Jersey's heritage, and he is mindful of that tradition and culture.

This can be seen in his manifesto, which can be read online at:

It's a detailed manifesto, and looks at both the Parish of Grouville, and the Island of Jersey, and I think shows someone who can balance the needs of the two well, and who has thought not only about his own Parish, but also the wider Island issues which a States member should also consider.

(photograph by Suzanne Le Feuvre)

As his Facebook page notes, John will visit every household in the parish over the next few weeks. If you are concerned about any issues either parish or island wide, he will be only too happy to discuss these with you. He will leave calling cards with his contact details for those who are out when he calls. If you see John out and about in the parish, please give him a supportive wave!

He will be an approachable Constable, and as he notes:

Slightly brighter day for door knocking today - it's been a bit wet of late! I have enjoyed meeting some very friendly and supportive people on my walks - remember, if you have any concerns please do mention them when I visit. If you were out when I called, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any issues!


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