Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Shell Seekers

Saturday poem today is about the beach and romance on a fine December day, and yes, I did pinch the title from a romance novel by Rosamunde Pilcher, although the poem has nothing to do with the book apart from the title.
The Shell Seekers
Waves breaking on a pebbled beach
Where we walk, searching for shells
Just up and beyond the tidal reach
The sea beyond casts magic spells
Weathered wooden posts standing out
Like sentinels watching from the shore
And tide tells tales of faith and doubt
Of schooners past, and ghostly lore
Waves breaking on a pebbled beach
On nearby rocks, the breaking spray
And the distant fort is out of reach
But on the beach, the lover's play
Waves on pebbles, sound so sweet
As on the beach, the lovers meet

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