Saturday, 30 August 2014

In Praise of Autumn

As the leaves begin to drop, here's a poem all about autumn, with thanks to Matthias Claudius, Lutheran pastor at Reinfeld in Holstein, who penned "We Plough the Fields and Scatter", which formed the rhyming scheme for my poem.

In Praise of Autumn
The winds come, and far scatter
Gold falling leaves on land
Rainfall comes, so watered
The child's outstretched hand
The portents come of winter
As harvest time for grain
Cool breezes and last sunshine,
Between the heavy rain
In kitchen, the jam maker
Who walked the fields far
Blackberries, wayside flower
Light bottled from a star
Of winds and waves , a hymn
Symphony of sounds unsaid
And conkers, laugh of children,
And harvest grain for bread.
The birds migrating farther
Such sights, such joy, so good,
The seed time and the harvest
For the poet, this is food.
And to the gods we offer
And sweetest praise imparts,
The season most desired
Warm soup, grateful hearts

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Mark Forskitt said...

Rings very true for me . Thank you for posting.