Friday, 22 August 2014

Press Release from Murray Norton

I learned last night that Murray Norton is standing in the forthcoming elections for Deputy in St Brelade, Number 1. Today's guest posting is therefore a press release which I received from Murray, and which I am sharing with my readers.
Press Release from Murray Norton
Embargoed until 00.01 22nd August 2014
Following many requests, having sought advice from family, friends and those with extensive political experience and after careful consideration, I am delighted to declare my intention to stand for election as Deputy in the Parish of St Brelade, District No.1.
St.Aubin is not only where I live, but also where my wife and I run two successful restaurants. This is clearly the right district for me to represent.
As many will know, my background has been in the media, with both BBC Radio Jersey & Channel 103fm and on stage in the world of entertainment. In business I have worked within the hospitality industry with restaurants and previously in retail. I have throughout this time committed more than the past thirty years to charitable fundraising for local charities and those in need. I am positive that the skills learnt during these times will enable me to represent the wishes of the people of this district.
I have, as of this week retired from presenting radio programmes after thirty years to focus on listening to the issues and concerns of those I hope to represent and to prepare for the forthcoming election campaign.
My manifesto will be published on the 17th September 2014 for the nominations meeting.
Thank you
Murray Norton


Nick Le Cornu said...

I wonder if if all the Romanian staff that worked at Murray's and Mash, who Mr Norton unfairly dismissed and "forgot" to pay their wages and notice, will be encouraging voters to give him their support?

For more information see my blog article on these events

After reading that only Deputy John Young deserves anyones vote.

James said...

I observe that Peter Mac (ex-Channel 103) plans to do the same in St Saviour 3.

I'm not convinced by either candidate - ask my why and you'll get a long screed...