Saturday, 9 August 2014

Maybe World

Perhaps there really was a Father Ted on Craggy Island....
Maybe World
Perhaps in some strange world of mine
There really were three priests divine
And living there on Craggy Isle
Their antics sure did raise a smile
And a housekeeper called Mrs Doyle
Reflected on her life of toil
And when I was working for Father Ted
Sure, I looked to order plenty bread
Another sandwich, Father, d'you see
And that, of course, with cups of tea
The kettle is coming to the boil
And I'm ready, or me name ain't Doyle
Perhaps I'm dreaming, but let me see
That really were those priestly three
Some day I'd visit on me way
Although I fear I'd rue the day
Disasters seemed to follow them
With Bishop Brennan to condemn
Perhaps my name was Father Ted
And I munched the buttered bread
My sad fate, oh, there's the crack
With Father Dougal, Father Jack
This is my maybe world, d'you see
Forever sipping cups of tea

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