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My Contributions to Jerripedia 2015.

My Contributions to Jerripedia 2015.

I’ve been looking over at Jerripedia additions in 2015, and seen what articles I’ve found and transcribed have ended up there.

These have usually involved trips to the library, reading material, scanning it, running through OCR engines – sometimes not possible for old JEP articles which have to be transcribed by site – and then correcting the usual times when Optical Character Recognition fails, comparing text to original.

It takes, as you can imagine, a certain time to do this, but it means I can disseminate Jersey history more widely, which is why I like to do it.

In case you don’t know, Jerripedia is an online encyclopaedia devoted to Jersey matters which was created and is maintained by Mike Bisson. It is a useful “one stop” resource where he amasses a wide varierty of material. As a former editor of the JEP he is very experienced in bringing together data from different sources, as he must have done with his team of journalists.

He looks for articles online to take to Jerripedia, and collates them, with a slight reformat and edit to the Jerripedia house style, and sometimes the addition of pictures. Over the years, he’s acquired and added quite a few that I’ve put on my blog first.

As he doesn't give any attribution to me when he collates material, I thought of the Eric Sykes autobiography - "If I don't write this, nobody else will"..

It has led to the amusing case when a friend pointed me to an article on Jerripedia, and I thanked them but told them I had put that up originally!

Here’s a list of those he has added in 2015 to date:

Street names of St Helier, a 1971 article on the old and new names of town streets

St James's, a history of the island's Church of England church with the largest capacity

Sir Thomas Morgan – biography

Interview with Sir Robert Le Masurier, 1966 interview with the Bailiff of the day

An interview with J J Le Marquand

Jersey Pottery - a 1965 article

A diary for Mrs Dupre's family, a touching family diary kept throughout the Occupation
(I was in touch with Mrs Dupre's family, and hope to add some extra details on her)

Walter Benest, a well-respected Constable of St Brelade
(This was a tricky one as it required manually transcribing the article from a not very good microfiche print)

Breakfast with President Reagan, a Jersey politician's article (Reg Jeune)

Interview with 9th Earl of Jersey

A history of St Simon's Church

Review of Jersey agriculture in 1967

Jersey under Parliament

Bailiff Herault, a history of Jean Herault

The Restoration

Bailiff Sir Philip de Carteret

More articles extracted from A C Saunders' history of Jersey in the 17th century

Life in Jersey after the Restoration

The Royal Commission of Sir Edward Conway and Sir William Bird

Sir John Lanier, by A C Saunders‎

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