Saturday, 5 September 2015


They came seeking to escape;
Stay: and women facing rape,
Children killed on a whim,
Here and there, a severed limb;
Countries would take some in,
Then the gates close. A din
Goes unheard as shops looted;
Armies march, uniform, booted,
Bringing terror in their wake;
Hear us, hear us, do not forsake,
And exclude us, by all legal ways,
Decide who comes and who stays;
Facing an uncertain future, fear
As the danger grows every near:
The lucky ones came, in hope;
Those left struggled to cope,
Left homes, a rag tag, lost souls
Seeking sanctuaries, the only goals;
As war is writ large upon the land,
They struggle on, this unhappy band,
Wandering Jews of Europe, alone;
Sigh of the dispossessed, the groan
Of the weary, the threadbare clothes;
And doors are shut, barred, they close;
And they remain, and die, a killing
For fear of all those people spilling
Into other countries, a long shadow
Where a chill wind comes to blow;
Happen again? In Calais, Syrians flee
From war torn lands, far over sea
And the doors are shut once more;
Taking in just a select few, no more;
No lessons learned, our fellow man.
And women, children: all to ban:
And this is our crime, our greatest sin
To say there is no room at our Inn.

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