Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Golden Harvest

As we've just had the autumn equinox, an appropriate poem. This looks to Greek mythology and ancient Greek equinox rituals for much of its inspiration, with a touch of Egyptian lore at the start (when Alpha Draconis was the North star, and not Polaris), and a bit of Celtic lore at the end.

The Golden Harvest

When night and day are side by side
See that concealed, things we hide
That which is hidden out of sight
And that which comes into the light

Now Alpha Draconis in the North
Shone brightly, and was calling forth
The shafts of sunlight on the wall
Made spiral shape in shadow scrawl

This was the riddle of the sphinx
The chain we make of many links
Of darkening light at time of fall
Demeter answers Hades call

Zeus looked down from his great throne
Saw that seeds that once were sown
Would rise again in harvest gold
Before the chill of winter’s cold

The Minotaur within the maze
Awaiting for the sun’s own rays
Saw Daedelus take wing and fly
And Icarus falling from the sky

Athena called out wisdom’s name
Reflect, oh mortals, on your shame
Beware the wolf and bird of prey
This also is their harvest day

Priestesses in the Temple wait
In Athens, for the time of fate
Comes Bacchus, dancing maids
And torchlight to dispels the shades

Within the grove, a holy place
Let autumn be a time of grace
Harvest seeds of spring time dreams
And drink to full of living streams

Within the grove, cut willow wand
The equinox makes magic bond
Look forward, into night ahead
As we partake of harvest bread

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