Monday, 28 March 2016

The Oncoming Storm

This week, as a break from my regular blog, while I'm taking some holidays, I will be posting poems. This is a dark poem, occasioned both by the violent storm and the devastating bombing in Pakistan.

The Oncoming Storm

The wind is risen, clouds conquering the sun
Death comes like the storm, mighty Jove has won
Fury in his anger, tears rock and stone away
And across the world, in explosions bodies lay

Sorrow meets joy, children taken to the tomb
Playground turned to horror, all is fear and gloom
The storm is rising, strong, hymns of hate to sing
Broken bodies, wounded, death again to sting

Where is hope, where innocent lose their life
And murderers crow in victory at their strife
And the sound of those weeping for lost love
Are echoes of violence in the storm above

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