Tuesday, 29 March 2016


During Easter week, while I'm taking some holiday, I'm putting poems rather than regular blog postings. The posting of today looks both at the recent storms, and at the Easter story, drawing out one as an echo of the other.


Three trees, bare bones, sway without leaf
Standing on the hillside, bending in wind
The darkness, the gale, the rain, the grief
Rocks gleam wet, like a skull that has grinned

A landslide, gaping bank, hollow torn apart
Storm ripping asunder, so tearing the land
Leaving devastation, and a weeping heart
High seas wiping away the castles in sand

We sit, tell tales on the shore of the sea
Of fishing, of full nets, of calm after storm
And high on the hillside, is one broken tree
Clean sand on the beach, washed to transform

Morning has broken, give thanks for the dawn
Time for new hope, in the sunlight reborn

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