Saturday, 21 May 2016


EgyptAir flight MS804 was carrying 66 people - including a British dad-of-two - from Paris to Cairo yesterday when it disappeared from radar. Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry confirmed that crews have found human remains in the search for the missing Airbus A320.

The photo above shows the Imam of al Thawrah Mosque, Samir Abdel Bary, giving condolences to film director Osman Abu Laban, center, who lost four relatives, all victims of Thursday's EgyptAir plane crash, following prayers for the dead, at al Thawrah Mosque, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 20, 2016.

Jersey, too, is connected to the events. Passenger Richard Osman, 40, a geologist and father of two died in the plane. I would extend condolences to his wife, their children, and their family and friends.

This poem is a reflection on this tragedy and sadness.


Oh wretched plane, so wounded
With turns and dips came down
Debris in sea surrounded
Too swiftly fell to drown
Oh saddened tale, grief story
The passengers now known
Now tragic end so gory
And families claim their own

Oh poor people that did suffer
For terror’s selfish gain
So evil here transgression
Leave grief and empty pain
Such tragedy the graver
No loved ones face to face
In mourning, grief’s enslaver
Light candles for dark place

What language can we borrow?
To talk of a lost love, friend
And weep of dying sorrow
And grieving without end
Immortal now forever
In death this is so true
Their loved ones never, never
Forget their love to you

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