Saturday, 14 May 2016

Fade to Gray

My friend Heather posted some photos of Annie recently, and for some reason, looking at those prompted this poem, which is both joyful and melancholic, in equal parts.

Fade to Gray

Now fading the vision, and breaking the heart
It is always a sorrow to leave and depart
Memories of past, of a moon in the night
Of sleeping together, of fading of light

You taught me much wisdom, with many a word
You taught me to listen, and ears open I heard
In summer you lay out and basked in the sun
And in joy we mind melded, and joined as one

We sought after justice, to fight the good fight
And in justice we spoke out, truth our delight
Against the oppressors, those in the high tower
We would not be silent, and spoke truth to power

I look back on times past, and still sing your praise
As you taught me the wild flower, upon the old ways
You and you only, the first in my heart,
And sorrow in parting, my beloved you art.

Now death has claimed you, his victory won
And you blazed into glory, so bright as a sun
And my heart was broken, and ashes they fall
Now fading to gray, in endings of all

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