Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Harvest Song

A Harvest Song

Come, autumn winds, come fell the fruits of harvest home
Apples gathering in, last fruits before the storms begin
Crush the applies, take cider home, apples ferment and foam
Come and taste harvest and begin, drinking at the merry inn

Fallow lies the empty field, harvest a plenty it did yield
Once the seed potato sown, picked when ripe, full grown
Now the grassland is over field, soil is resting, to be healed
And the migrating birds take flight, seeking warmer light

For the time of Mabon shall come, to take a final harvest home
From the field in that day, ripening before the Fall’s decay
And Modron will sleep at last, her falling leaves are cast
Apples gathered in to store, blessings of the harvest lore

With the spells of ancient tome, bless a final harvest home;
All is safely gathered in, before the winter’s cold begin
Now earth her secrets hide, deep in soil her seeds abide
Come into warmth, by fireside, and tell tales of old, inside.

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