Saturday, 29 October 2016

All Hallows Eve

My poem today, as we approach "All Hallows Eve", otherwise known as the festival of "All Souls"  is about grief and love and death.

All Hallows Eve

Oh weep with me, at this my eventide
Grief is so deepening, memories abide
When time recedes, every year to flee
Further back the past, the time of you and me

The very same words, I still recall that day
That phone call; that you had passed away
Change and decay in all around I see
And you were gone, grief alone with me

How I would pay, for even single hour
But time is beyond our magic’s feeble power
What happened cannot change, it will always be
But oh how much, I wish you were with me

I light a candle, your memory to bless
But of regrets, I still weep with bitterness
Lost moments past, death has the victory
And only memories of you, still abide with me

I can still see you now, if I close my eyes
And I remember your ashes, scattered to the skies
And of joys we had, and then the shadows flee
In life or death, part still remains with me

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