Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Sunset Touch

I have been reading Richard Coles' autobiography, thinking about all the deaths punctuating his story, and then  all those whom I have known, not just those old, those dying of cruel dementia, of cancer, of heat disease, of AIDs, or even those who have tragically taken their own life. This poem owes a lot to T.F. Powys, and in particular to a mood he creates in "Darkness and Nathaniel".

The Sunset Touch

Before the ending of our day,
We see the sunset touch and pray
And wonder much about just how
Our time will come, next day or now

Come, final rest for weary eyes
The weight of time brings heavy sighs
And Darkness comes, our unclay foe
The time is coming, that we know

The time of sorrows will be done
The night approaches, no more sun
Embrace the Darkness, do not flee
Come, blessed death eternally.

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