Saturday, 12 November 2016


This is my poem for Remembrance Sunday, and if it is more openly Christian than some of my poems are, it is because it reflects the times of those who went to fight.


There is a green field far away
And a memorial wall
Where all the soldiers fell and died
who died to save us all.

Remembrance day, that day we tell
The pains they had to bear
And how they fought and died for us
In muddy trenches there

Let peace now come, all be forgiv’n
Their sacrifice so good
And may they all be blessed in heaven
Remember them we should

Poor mortals are not good enough
And death the price of sin
When warfare opens bloody gate
And harsh the price to win

Now we remember those who loved
And families broken too
And as we drink redeeming blood
Pray that God’s peace comes too

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