Monday, 14 November 2016

Digital Jersey? Not with Election Expenses!

Election expenses? Just let me find the file, Sirs!

Freedom of Information Request:

Please may I have details of the election expenditure by candidates, which does not appear to be available online?

I understand it is available at the Greffe but my working hours and the hours available there to view it do not match.

2. As part of the eGov and digital initiative, I would like to know when it will be automatically available online, just as the register of members’ interests is?


We refuse to supply the requested information under the Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011 because it is absolutely exempt under Article 23 - Information accessible to applicant by other means, and is absolutely exempt under Article 29 - Other prohibitions or restrictions.

However, if the applicant contacts the Judicial Greffe directly, in person at the office, by mail, telephone or email, they will provide information in compliance with Article 16 of the Public Elections (Expenditure and Donations) (Jersey) Law 2014.

16 Greffier to make declarations available for inspection

The Greffier shall make declarations received by him or her under this Law available for inspection, free of charge, at the offices of the Judicial Greffe, during normal working hours.

2. We are unable to inform you of when this information will be automatically available online.
Article 16 of the Public Elections (Expenditure and Donations) (Jersey) Law 2014 constrains the Judicial Greffier in determining how declarations are published. At present, this precludes them being published online as suggested in the request. This is a matter which has been raised by the Judicial Greffier with a view to changing the law.

My comment - The Bad Old Days

Evidently election expenses belong to the bad old days, where the register of members interests could only be viewed in person. At least that is now online. Isn't it about time that someone woke up to the fact that we are no longer living in Victorian times?

The register of members interests is online. The States sittings are webcast. Election materials are found at But election expenses have yet to come online!

It is good to see that the matter has been raised by the Judicial Greffier, but will anything come of this? And more importantly, will it come before the next election?

So please can one of our elected politicians lodge a proposition to change the law so we can get some positive action on this!!

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James said...

One way to focus the mind: is the Judicial Greffe accessible to people in wheelchairs?

If not, find a wheelchair user and a helpful advocate, and sue the States under discrimination legislation, on the grounds that access is denied because of a disability.