Saturday, 13 May 2017

Tide Break

Tide Break

Sea lapping rocks, they speak to my heart
My roots are the shore, my magic this art
Moon on the water, by star clustered night
Dreaming and sleeping, beneath its soft light

High soaring above, the gulls cry their word
And in the salt breezes, a sea shanty heard
Dawn breaking on sand, the rising of sun
I reach out my spirit, and we become one

The raging tempest, such glory the sight
The wind and high spray, oh, such a delight
Lighthouse shining, waves on its high tower
Storm cannot prevail, despite its great power

I stand on the sea shore, sing hymns of praise
This is my inheritance, now and always:
The coast that I love, first in my heart,
Sounds of the waves, my treasure this part.

On tide break, at dawn, daylight is won
Joys of the blue ocean, beneath yellow sun
And whatever dark days, whatever befall
Here is my vision: sand, sea and shore, all.

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