Saturday, 22 July 2017


This week is a poem from my "back catalogue", written on 9th June 2005. The tragedy is that the world it describes could be the world today. Over ten years have passed since I wrote those lines, and we seem no nearer to finding any solutions to the misery and suffering which human beings inflict upon fellow human beings.


Just glimpses and fragments here
Of a wounded world, of despair
And time ticks on, it is not fair. 

Just for a moment, the building
Jagged edges, windows broken,
And time ticks on, alarms ring. 

Just for a second, images floated
Walls covered grey, dust coated
And time ticks on, ending noted. 

Just a warning, of empty shells
Once the way we built our hells
And time ticks on, to final bells. 

Just for a moment, this is to be
Will it be always? we shall see.
And time ticks on, none can flee.

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