Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Journey

My poem today is structured on the pattern of a hymn - I'll let the reader guess which one!

Growing up in Jersey, the sea has never been far from me, and whenever I was living abroad (in England), I missed the sound of the waves breaking on the sand, and the cry of the gulls, wheeling in the sky. 

Whatever the social and economic problems of living in a small Island, and despite the increasing encroachment (or attempts at enchroachment) on our coastline - I have St Brelade's Bay in mind, or Portelet Bay - at least we have the wonderful sea and sand and rocky coasts to raise our spirits along the great journey of life.

The Journey

I heard the sound of sea and spray
White horses on wave’s crest
The foaming waters crashing down
The tides that never rest
I came barefoot just as I was
So weary, worn, and sad;
The rocky coast a healing place
And this has made me glad

I heard the sound of sea and spray
And healing that did give
Blue waters, and a golden sun
I arose once more to live
Such blessings there, so deep I drank
Of ocean currents stream
My heart uplifted, soul revived,
By sea on shore in hymn

I heard the sound of sea and spray
Saw the water dappled light
And sunset comes, the moon will rise
And now the fading light
I looked across the bay, and found
Last gleam of setting sun
And in the night that comes, I walk
Till travelling days are done.

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