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Fun With Intelligence Tests 1

These come from an extremely old compendium of games that I've had for many years. I've hidden the answers on another blog page - there's a link at the bottom of this one.

Fun With Intelligence Tests

HAVE you ever tried any Intelligence Tests? Here are some to play with. No doubt you are an intelligent person, but what sort of intelligent person are you? Are you quick in the uptake?

Can you reason? Can you perceive what is relevant and what irrelevant? Have you a sense of logic? Here is your chance to find out.


None of this first group of posers should take you longer than 3 minutes.


"LISTEN, GIRLS," said their Uncle Joe; " I was in the bar of the Black Horse yesterday-"

" You would be," said Gwendolen

" I was in the bar of the Black Horse," said Uncle Joe, ignoring the interruption, " and two Australians came in. Odd."

" Why odd? " asked Grace.

" Because," said Uncle Joe, " one of them was the father of the other one's little boy ! Now, girls, how do you explain that? "

" Easily," said Gwendolen. " You mean he was the step-father."

" No," said Grace, " how could he be? . . . Or wait a moment : there might have been a divorce, or something."

Uncle Joe grinned. " There was no divorce," he said. " You girls don't use your brains ; try again."

What is the explanation ?


JOYCE HAS just been showing me a letter from her sister Edna. " My holiday " (Edna wrote), " has ended unfortunately. As you know, I have been learning to ride on Tom's pony. He is perfectly well-behaved as a rule (the pony, I mean), but yesterday he took it into his head to turn skittish : result, a broken limb for me!

It's now in plaster of Paris and, though the fracture is only a ` simple' one, it will, of course, take some time to heal ! More details next time. I've only just time to catch the post now; on my way back I shall drop into the bon-bon shop and get you some of those pralines."

Which of her four " limbs " do you suppose Edna has broken ?

Potted Personalities

RHYMED clues are given to the identity of famous men and women.

I. He sang of the bitter fruits
Of the forbidden tree
And contributed (in Latin) to contemporary disputes ;
Now tell me : who was he?

2. A " master builder "-though the house he built
Was but for dolls : a backcloth was its sky.
His gingerbread has maybe lost its gilt,
But his influence will not die.

3. A king : we remember him best
By his little practical test;
While his foolish courtiers flattered him
The incoming waves bespattered him.

4. A poetess, from her Wimpole Street abode,
Published many a melancholy ode.
Who was it who first showed her what hope meant,
And, in the end, contrived her elopement?

5. In his own sphere, this musician
Occupied a prominent position ;
What would we not give for one toot
Of his " magic flute " ?

For answers to all these, click here:

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