Friday, 26 May 2023

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Having watched the superb and faithful 1989 BBC Children's serial "Tom's Midnight Garden", and also re-reading the book, I thought this would be a good subject for a poem.

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Chimes at midnight, the clock strikes wrong
Striking thirteen, hour that never could be
The door opens, in the sunshine, birdsong
And the lovely garden there to see

Midnight again, and Tom opens the door
Hattie, the lonely girl who could see him
Friendship across time’s distant shore
An orphan girl, her life once made grim

Winter snow and the frozen river is nearby
Tom and Hattie skating so very far today
Ely Cathedral, in the Fens, rises in the sky
And the way home, fading, all gone away

Time no longer: the clock angel speaks the truth
Present: old Hattie now greets Tom, the youth

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