Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Loo of the Year Awards for TTS

The Minister for Transport and Technical Services (TTS), Connétable Mike Jackson, has been congratulating the staff in the Toilet Cleaning Section on recent achievements in the national Loo of the Year Awards announced at the end of 2008. This is the first time that TTS has entered this event and four of the five toilets entered received the top 5 Star Awards. The Toilet Cleaning Section entered the toilets at Corbière, Sand Street Car Park, Bouley Bay, Côtil du Grouin in St Brelade and La Mare in St Clement. The toilets at La Mare only narrowly lost out on 5 Star status. There were over 1,700 separate entries for the Loo of the Year Awards coming from all over Britain. The facilities are given a 1 - 5 Star Grading. This is awarded following an unannounced visit by an independent Loo of the Year Awards Inspector, who makes an assessment against set criteria which include: cleanliness, signage and communication, décor and maintenance, air quality hygiene equipment and overall management and customer care. In 2008, only 42% of the total entries achieved the top 5 Star Grading. "If you have pride in the work you do, it shows" said the Minister for Transport and Technical Services, Connétable Mike Jackson. "These toilets have been benchmarked against a national standard and have been found to be top class. I am delighted that the staff have received this recognition, it is well deserved."

Yes, it is all true! It must be true, I read it on the States website. What an odd world we live in!

But I wish they would check out the toilets at Minden Place Car park or St Catherine's Breakwater, both of which often are sadly lacking in cleanliness. The ones in the Parade aren't that nice either. It seems rather strange that they can enter only a few toilets, and I think this curious and strange award would be better if all the Island's public toilets were open to inspection, and the selection was random. Instead, no doubt the best kept ones were selected.

I'd also love to know what the "air quality hygiene equipment" means when it is at home. I googled it, and got the single reference to it being this article! Any suggestions?

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