Monday, 18 June 2012

A History of A Power Cut in 50 Tweets

Daleks: We will get our power. We will get our power. We will get our power. We will get our power. We will get our power. We will get our power.
First Dalek: Turn back the power supply.
(Dr Who, Power of the Daleks)

Here's a timeline of tweets.... amusingly, Judith Curry pops up talking about economic and security impacts - just when our power was off. And Lauren on Big Brother was saying how wonderful Jersey was - but of course, hardly anybody would have been able to watch her! By the way, I've removed the identification of the Twitters, apart from official organisations.

Jean: Well we can't all swan about ordering toast. Some of us have personal problems.
Jane: I know we do! But we don't bring them to work! I lost 8 tropical fish last week in a power cut!

One thing that never crossed my mind when the lights went out was to call the police. I looked out the window, and ascertained that no other lights could be seen, apart from a dull glow of night pollution to the south  where La Moye Prison was - and presumably on reserve generators. No Great Escape there! Why on earth call the police? The psychology of the panic stricken Islander is sometimes beyond my comprehension.

Scientist: [After a power cut] Oh no... Its probably those Anomalous Materials people again. Always pushing their equipment too hard, dabbling in who-knows-what. I'd be surprised if there's one good brain among them
(Half Life)

What am I doing up? You may well ask. I have a dimmer switch on my light, with on and off just by pressing it in or out, so you can't tell if it was on or off. I couldn't remember, and thought it was off. Until suddenly, bright lights came on and woke me! Off to bed now!

@channelonline power back on in trinity

Power gone again at esplanade!

Jersey Electricity ‏@electricjersey
Power is already coming back on in parts of the island, we are expecting to be able to restore all power later this evening #powercutjersey

Jersey Electricity ‏@electricjersey
JE is experiencing problems with submarine cables to France. Engineers r working to restore supplies using local generation #powercutjersey

Jersey Electricity ‏@electricjersey
Power is already coming back on in parts of the island, we are expecting to be able to restore all power later this evening #powercutjersey

RT @electricjersey: Please tell Jersey Tweeters to follow @electricjersey or #powercutjersey for latest news on power supply problems...

@channelonline still no power at Five Oaks!!

@channelonline guess I need a few more hamsters for the ups on my servers as power still out in aubin lane #powercutjersey

@channelonline yep I'm in St Brelades with no power. Can see the airport & the genny is on

@channelonline @electricjersey St Saviour/Trinity 1st cut an hour ago 2nd cut 35mins ago and still in the #dark #powercutJersey

Oscar Puffin ‏@oscarpuffin
If the weather wasn't bad enough, power to the puffin hot tub has gone. My plumage is in a right old state. :>\

@CJChateau @channelonline @electricjersey Hurrah St Saviour/Trinity lights are on! #powercutJersey

@channelonline longueville still down and I-phone running on vapor for golf.

@channelonline No power still at St.Brelade lucky i have 3G from JT and fully charged devices

Jersey Electricity ‏@electricjersey
A reminder: We've had a problem with our cables to France. Engineers are firing up generators at La Collette. #powercutjersey

Judith Curry ‏@JudithCurry
Economic and security impacts of climate change in the Arctic

bbcjersey ‏@bbcjersey
It's just gone half past midnight & the latest we have is parts of the island are still affected by the latest #powercutjersey more ASAP

Jersey Electricity ‏@electricjersey
@kevinpamplin @electricjersey is Jersey Electricity's official account and will keep islanders up-to-date with any JE news #powercutjersey

@bbcjersey Still in the dark & not happy out here at Corbiere #powercutjersey but TY for updates :-)

@bbcjersey Still no power in St Clement

@bbcjersey still off in St Peters @electricjersey #powercutjersey

@bbcjersey Still off in St Brelade. Would normally just go to sleep but school uniform in tumble dryer! Still wet!

@bbcjersey @electricjersey power's back on for sometime now round the general hospital area..thank goodness :)

@bbcjersey @electricjersey Let The Force Be with You Tonight #powercutjersey

Power back on @PommedOrHotel area been back for while now

St Ouen still out... Fridge and tropical fish not happy @bbcjersey

bbcjersey ‏@bbcjersey
Thank you for your tweets from around the island during the latest #powercutjersey @kevinpamplin will be LIVE at 6am on 88.8fm with updates!

Channel Television ‏@channelonline
Power appears to have come back on in some parts of Jersey. But it's still off in places like st brelades. Are you affected? Let us know.

bbcjersey ‏@bbcjersey
@channelonline @DunellsWines Ha who said anything about bed! Sleep is for wimps! And we are on air from 6am with LIVE update from JE #coffee

We're back baby... Electricity on in St. Clement... Thank you JEC... @electricjersey @channelonline

@bbcjersey #powercutjersey we have the power... JCG/Mont Millais area. #timetoputtheguitarawayandputoutthecampfire

bbcjersey ‏@bbcjersey
RT from @electricjersey Engineers continue to bring power supplies back up to full output. All island supplies expected back overnight.

@channelonline hamsters alive and kicking here around Aubin lane. Ie. Power is back :-)

@channelonline still dark in St Peters! @electricjersey

@channelonline yes we have been stuck in darkness while at work now send all home leaving big mess for tomorrow

Big Brother Live ‏@BBUKLive
1.18am: Lauren is rhapsodising about Jersey life. She makes it sound so lovely. Channel Island Tourist Board - sign her up. #bbuklive

@channelonline totally feeling left out here! No power cut in St Lawrence...

Channel Television ‏@channelonline
Can't believe we're writing this, but do not call the police because the power is out!! See next tweet.

States of Jsy Police ‏@JerseyPolice
@electricjersey Hi any news on how long this powercut is going to last please? We are being inundated with calls. Thanks

Kevin Pamplin ‏@kevinpamplin
@JerseyPolice @electricjersey I will be on air on @bbcjersey from 6am with LIVE updates 88.8fm & online #jerseypowercut

bbcjersey ‏@bbcjersey
RT @DunellsWines We're back on in St. Brelade!!! Thank you #jerseypowercut thank goodness for your washing! Sleep well!

@bbcjersey power back, St Brelade

0153 hrs Power just restored in St Mary. Daughter, who hates power cuts, and knackered Daddy very grateful. Goodnight peeps #fb

We've left some lights on @cafebreakwater just so we can see if we get another #powercutjersey! Thank you @electricjersey for allthe updates

Power back La Moye, St Brelade, at 2.00am

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