Friday, 8 June 2012

Look East

A poem of memories, some bittersweet...

Look East    
A moonscape of rocks, just as in memory;
And as if yesterday, I walk along the jetty,
Looking back towards the car. That I recall
So well; facing the bitter cold wind that Fall,
While you watched from the car, smiling eyes;
The wind is strong today, a lament of sighs,
As it whistles over the sea wall. No feeling:
That was my concern, was fading a healing?
Or a loss, the ghosts of past just vanish away,
Like a sea mist, beneath the hot sun of midday?
But it was not so: And indeed, I'm glad I came,
Because there is joy in knowing I am still lame;
Tears of joy and sadness, falling down my cheek,
For I still miss you, I still watch out and seek;
And I munch the hot dog, warm and tasty,
We loved to eat those here, you and me:
Came to watch tidal flow on Eastern shore;
And memory returns, like opening of a door:
Dog walkers upon the sand, of tide and place;
This was our special time, our private space,
But cut short all too soon, on every day;
I can visit the past, but I cannot yet stay;
Happiness comes this way, and so I long
To watch distant memories now so strong;
That's how it was, so fierce and true:
And not a moment do I rue.

1 comment:

Jill Gracia said...

Absolutely lovely Tony and very poignant for me.

La Rocque was my late son's favourite spot. Many happy hours were spent there.