Thursday, 13 September 2012

Battle for the Skies

The Jersey International Air Display takes place today. This is organised by Jersey International Air Display A.R.L. on behalf of the Royal Air Force Association (Jersey) Branch as part of Battle of Britain Week. The aim of the Display is to help raise funds for Forces Charities.Battle in the Skies. Why not go and watch it and make a donation? This poem is written remembering the Battle of Britain (and to the tune of The Dambusters Movie theme!)

Battle for the Skies
In our homes, we now take refuge
while in skies above is trouble
and we therefore will not fear,
though above the battle range
Though bombing, buildings tremble
Though the firestorms are raging
Battle of Britain be forgotten nevermore

They are coming to deliver
Bombs upon the lovely City
God is in the midst of her
she shall not be moved!
Spitfire help, so swiftly given,
Enemies vanish at their presence -
Battle of Britain be forgotten nevermore

Come, see the Spitfire, be partaker
See the planes cross sky so powerful;
Pray wars cease across the world
Memorial flight of end of fear
Reginald Mitchell, the creator,
Planes flying to save the nations -
Battle of Britain be forgotten nevermore

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