Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kindling Books

I've started to put some of my "back catalogue" of books on Kindle at bargain prices. As with all Kindle books, you can look inside, or download a sample to get the flavour of them. The links are the ones, but they are also available on other Amazon platforms including

Jersey Wonders

Photos and narrative poems telling Jersey's history, legends, and memories of Jersey now.
Print editions are still available signed from me at £5.00

Witch Light

A selection of poems on the pagan themes.

A friend of mine commented: "This is a very inspiring book. I have a copy and my favourite poem is The Weathervane because as you read it out allowed you can actually feel the force of the wind causing it to spin and reflect on the ebb and flow of life. Each poem has a charm and mood of its very own. Every time I dip into it I find a poem to suit my mood for that day. You are invited into a world of imagination which leads you through the circles of time. Love it!"
Print editions available for £5 at:

Victoria College: A Chronicle 1972-1989

A chronology of events and people from Victoria College over the period 1972-1989, with pen sketches of some of the teachers, and a personal memoir.

Print editions are still available for £5 at:

Wings of Love

A series of love poems, romantic, erotic, joyful and sad.

A print edition (with colour photos) is available at:

News from Nowhere 1

The original satire set in the Island of Malaisey, Chief Minister Gerry A Trick!



Zoompad said...

I have just bought Jersey Wonders and will enjoy reading that tonight.

What wonderful photographs, and paintings. Did you do those yourself?

TonyTheProf said...

Old etchings are from guidebooks; photos are taken by myself. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for buying it.