Wednesday, 18 September 2013

At Communicare this Saturday

The weather is getting cooler, wetter and windy. This Saturday, why not stay in the dry, and come and be inspired by the wide range of stalls at Communicare. These show how Jersey's groups and charities are performing a huge range of caring activities for people, animals, the environment and beyond.
And while you are about it, why not grab a coffee, or a light lunch, and have a chat with friends, and set the world to rights.
Here are the details of what is going on, which shows how inspiration can move people to act, and find out about your opportunities for action and contribution.
Admission FREE.
10.30am-4.30pm: Coffee Bar All-day catering 
Morning Coffee, Light Lunches, Afternoon teas.

12.30 am : Amity Singers choral concert - admission FREE

10.00 am -4.00 pm Visit the Stalls (see below)
Brian Clarke, the Festival Organiser says "As part of St Brelade's Festival of Christian Spirituality we have set aside Saturday at Communicare - one of the biggest meeting spaces in the parish - specifically for Jersey's caring organisations and others to tell Festival visitors about their work. "
"Come and discover the good works our Island's many caring organisations perform. We hope you, too, will be inspired to build for the future continuity of what so many Jersey people have begun. "
Here is an alphabetical list of stalls where you can meet people, be inspired by their work, and find our what they do and how you can help:
. Business Connect; "As an influential, non-profit business network, our lunch-time ministry works for the good of society - reweaving the fabric of true success."
. Caring Hands: "We provide refuge and support for people facing a crisis - whether through loneliness, illness, homelessness, job loss or family breakdown. To help raise funds for our work, we shall be launching our own brand of bottled water at Communicare."
. Christian Bookshop Mission: "We spread the good news by selling Christian books, CDs etc from our shop in the Market Place."
. Les Amis:  "We work to help and support people and their families who have a problem with alcohol."
. FCJ School: "A long-established primary school, we are a Catholic Christian community that welcomes families from all faiths and cultures, doing everything for the benefit of the children."
. Grace Trust: "We offer practical and personal help, based on Christian principles, to some of the most needy people of our lovely Island, among them ex-prisoners."
. Jersey Christian Calendar: "We aim to record on our website - - details of all Christian events that have been notified to us as happening in Jersey. These range from gospel choirs and thanksgiving services to prayers for Syria."
. Jersey Prayer Canopy; "We are trying to find 168 Christians to pray for one hour each week for Jersey, its people and parishes - and for any important issues.  The 168 is because there are 168 hours in a week (24 hours x 7 days).  We currently have 72 hours prayed each week but we do need more.  We send a monthly guide to prayer to all our members."
. Macmillan Jersey: "We provide free, confidential, high quality information, support and practical advice to anyone affected by cancer - patients and their families."
. Mission Africa: "Now in our second decade, we work with local churches in Africa - building schools, healing the sick and feeding the hungry."
. Mission to Seafarers: "In the spirit of Jersey's long ocean-going tradition, we are part of a global network that cares for merchant seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs who may be confronted by piracy, shipwreck, abandonment or separation from their loved ones."
. Street Light; "We are a national Christian charity whose local volunteers, based at All Saints Church, go out every Thursday evening to offer a listening ear - and free hot cocoa - to any troubled young people we meet.  We do not preach or indoctrinate but simply offer support."
. Youthbank Jersey: "We offer funding to local young people trying to get financial support for new ideas and existing groups - with support from Citi Foundation and the Jersey Youth Service. Since 2011 our grant-making panel - local young people from across the island aged between 13 and 21 - has awarded over £7,000, enabling them to make positive changes to our Island and to the lives of our peers."
If the Island of Jersey were a country in its own right, it would rank as 198th by population size - and 138th by the size of our economy.  But Jersey's generosity* as defined by the  percentage of the States of Jersey spending on overseas aid puts us on a par with China - the world's most populous nation. Little wonder that the Island has so many caring organisations and charities, big and small, performing wonderful work both on our Island and throughout the world.
To help their work become better known we have made them part of the St Brelade's Festival of Christian Spirituality, setting aside a unique space with free entry where they can explain their purpose to visitors and so encourage them to add their support - whether as a volunteer or financially.
*Sources:, Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, States of Jersey Statistics Unit, the Association of Jersey Charities.

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