Sunday, 10 May 2015

Images of Liberation

Images of Liberation
End of five long years of German rule
The flag flying high upon the breeze
The final bell at the end of school
Holidays and holy days to be at ease
A disabled rider, upon a horse
A girl in a wheelchair on St Catherine’s pier
Those who weep with much remorse
Free from the burden of guilt and fear
The chains broken, the slave now free
The outcast welcomed, in joy embrace
And the blind man who now can see
Illusions shatter, we see face to face
The diver in free fall, feels wind rush by
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull on a rock
Music brings an ecstasy of joy so high
The key in the door, the open lock
And light comes after the darkest night
Through the flames, and an end to pain
Compassion reaches out to tragic plight
The leafy, overgrown, country lane
Wreaths for the dead, memory is hope
The coldest winter gives way to spring
The gods give us the strength to cope
And a bird, free from cage, takes wing.

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