Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Public Meeting called for St Brelade to discuss Esplanade Quarter

Another guest posting on the Esplanade and the proposed International Finance Centre. A meeting is being held for residents of St Brelade to have their say. Details below.

Public Meeting called for St Brelade to discuss Esplanade Quarter

A meeting has been called for residents of St Brelade to allow politicians to hear the views of constituents about the proposed Esplanade Development, which would see Government –  via the States of Jersey Development Company – build a new ‘financial quarter’ of 470,000 sq.ft office space.

However, the plan has been controversial, with some saying the States should not be acting as a speculator, when new offices are already being built by the private sector, and others questioning its financial viability in the longer term.

Deputy Tadier, who has called the meeting, says he wants to hear from parishioners of all persuasions. He says: ‘I am open-minded, but like many, at present I am unconvinced. The States do not have a good track record when it comes to development in this part of St Helier. We already have a vacant nightclub at the Waterfront, and a disused swimming pool at Fort Regent. I do not want to stand back and see another expensive white elephant built when we have an opportunity to reconsider if the current plans represent best use and public value for the site.’

At the end of the meeting, parishioners will be asked to vote for or against the plans, and this, along with comments during the meeting, will hopefully feed into the debate on the Esplanade Quarter which is scheduled for States debate on 16th June.

‘This is a significant decision and it is important that we get it right. I hope that other deputies or constables in other Parishes will hold own meetings and listen to their constituents to better inform the forthcoming debate.’

The meeting will take place at Communicare Centre, St Brelade at 7pm on Wednesday 20th May.

For more information please contact:

Deputy Montfort Tadier

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