Saturday, 16 May 2015


The trees blowing out on a walk reminded me of the Pauline Baynes picture in Prince Caspian of Lucy in the trees, Aslan in the distance, hence this poem.

A warm wind, the branches blowing
Trees swaying in the winds, a dance
The dryads asleep, but life is flowing
They will soon wake from their trance

Come, sleepy Lucy, arise, walk, see
Hear the voices whisper, half awake
The lion is calling, beside that tree
Feel his breath, let fears forsake

The others sleep on, tired, so weary
You alone heard the lion’s soft tread
Danced along into this land of faery
Awake and followed where he led

Listen to winds whisper: awake, awake!
Aslan says, come follow for my sake.

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