Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Pagan Advent

Based loosely on the rhyming scheme of "Hills of the North Rejoice", I offer a slightly different take on the time of Advent as we approach the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night. Venus and Jupiter can be seen on a clear night just before dawn.

A Pagan Advent

Look to the dawn, rejoice
Venus in light does spring
Music of spheres in voice
Harmony of planets sing
Though days grow short, the time is nigh
The shooting stars are in the sky

Waves and tempestuous seas
Wash deep in ancient caves
Time was of ice age freeze
Then rising tides and waves
They were tearing rocks across the bay
And made where land a sea highway

Look to the East, awake
There are the lights you see
The rising sun does break
Signs of our liberty
In the dark night, where cold and gray
Jupiter blesses the dawning day

Shores and sand in the West
Great Atlantic far and long
Unvisited, unblessed,
Break forth to swelling song;
The Spanish ships that fell and died
Foundered on rocks without a guide

Shortest day, sun’s journey home
The night is opening its mouth
A starry messenger does come
From East, and West, and South.
And night is past, we are set free
Dawn is breaking, blessed be!

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