Thursday, 17 December 2015

Clarifying Costs: Changes of Department Names

Following my previous request on the change of names of States Departments, which can be read here:

and concerns these changes:

1 Economic Development becomes Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture
2 Education, Sport and Culture becomes Education;
3 Planning and Environment becomes Environment
4 Transport and Technical Services becomes Infrastructure.

I asked a follow up question:


Please can you tell me what precisely constitutes the “end of serviceable” life for (1) signage (departmental notice boards on sites, signage on vehicles etc) and (2) staff badges, as these are commonly durable, or will these be replaced virtually from day one? and what the estimated costs will be for that


For further clarification, this work will be undertaken as business as usual and funding for this work is already integral to existing revenue budgets. There is no exceptional expenditure budgeted beyond business as usual or information held relating to this.

With regards to the specific information requested, the Department can only generalise as follows.

Metal signs, depending on their exposure to sunlight, typically require replacing every 7 years. It is as part of this work any branding will be updated

Vehicle signage is likely to be updated as vehicles are serviced over the next year. The estimated cost of vehicle stickers would be in the region of £1,000. The cost of this will be absorbed into normal revenue budgets and would not be considered exceptional expenditure

For plastic badges no information is held as to their service life, but a reasonable assumption might be up to 3 years. With regards to embroidered badging on branded clothing, it is anticipated that as uniform stocks are consumed as part of normal wear and tear the branding will be revisited and renewed.

My comment

"Vehicle stickers" sounds as if these can just be stuck on. But if fact as the photo shows, they have to be removed and painted on. If anyone can supply me with the possible cost per vehicle, I'd be very grateful. I don't know if £1,000 sounds reasonable because it is difficult to get costs per vehicle.

Expect a lot of wear and tear on uniforms after the change...!


Póló said...

I'm surprised you haven't reacted to the idea that these changes can be met from within the existing budget.

It is in no way reassuring as it is still a cost. Money is fungible, and something else somewhere will suffer.

James said...

"Vehicle stickers" sounds as if these can just be stuck on. But if fact as the photo shows, they have to be removed and painted on.

No they don't. The sticker text is on a thin sheet of vinyl which is printed before it is stuck onto the vehicle. A typical example made by 3M can be found here.