Saturday, 5 December 2015

War Without End

My Saturday poem today is a look at warfare in historical perspective and also looking at our place in the cosmos. With all the questions about whether it is right to fight in Syria or not, it is also perhaps worth looking at the endless wastefulness of the human race in conducting warfare since records began. Sometimes we need to step back and see ourselves in a cosmic perspective. For those expecting a point of view on Syria, I give instead one on humankind.

War Without End

A clash of armies in the night
Drums beating, soldiers march
The war goes on, no end in sight
No signs of the triumphant arch

Thousands of years of war and strife
And still there are no signs of peace
From beginnings with a spear and knife
When, O when, will warfare cease?

Like angry ants, they fight and fight
As the stars turn slowly in the sky
Will we ever see a dawn’s first light?
As each hour passes, and more die

The cosmos is so vast and grand
Our wars the size of grains of sand

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