Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Poor Signage in Tunnell Street

As the JEP reported:

"A GRIEVING father has warned that another child could be killed if his concerns about roads surrounding the Millennium Town Park are not immediately addressed. Michael Pringle’s three-year-old son, Clinton, was knocked down by a car outside the park as he crossed the road to go to play last Monday."

"Today, speaking to the JEP, Mr Pringle, who was in Athens when he heard that his son had been hit by a car, called on the States to take action to address what he described as a dangerous lack of distinction between the road and the pavement in Tunnell Street, where the incident happened."

Here is an examination of the signage.

The top end of the road has "No Entry - Except for Access". Access includes, however, the offices and underground car park at Britannia Place, what appears to be a lorry depot round the bend, and two disabled parking bays. I have also seen lorries parked near the top end of Robin Place, and the only way down is through this no entry as Robin Place (the road round the bend) is one way only.

So while it may prevent it being used as a "rat run", this signage will not stop a number of cars going about their legal and legitimate business.

The sign at the bottom of the road just says "Give Way". There is no warning that pedestrians may be using the paved area at the end of the road, and no warning signs specifically about children.

There is a through cutting from Belmont Road, which leads straight towards the park. The area is seamlessly paved, giving the impression that it is all a pedestrian area.

There is one warning, but that is for cyclists and not pedestrians, and is in any case rather vague. There is no obvious sign of a "carriageway" as the paving just continues on. 

If you look up the road, you can see a tarmac road surface, which to the casual passer-by, would appear to be the "carriageway" referred to.

Another view of the cutting shows how seamless the pedestrian area and the paved road blend into each other.

This signage, from the Les Creux Country Park, is both large and visible. It is singularly lacking in Tunnell Street. Les Creux is paved, rather like the end of Tunnell Street, so it is important to warn about children especially as this is a pick up and drop off point for La Moye School.

Returning to the Millennium Park area - the other side of the road is also paved, but as the play area is clearly visible, it is to be expected that drivers would take more care. The bollards on the side of the road also differentiate more clearly the difference between a pedestrian and paved area.

Nevertheless, the entrance to the Gas Place cafe faces out on what is something of a blind corner, and that is also a cause of concern. Another sign warning of children in the vicinity would also be helpful there too.

It is tragic that it needs the death of a toddler before inadequate signage and the lack of clear delineation of pedestrian area and road is noted. Anywhere that a road has a paved area, which could be mistaken for pedestrian walk way - I would note potentially Payne Street - should be assessed for signage. 

What is very clear is that the signage by the Millennium Town park needs to be addressed urgently, in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

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