Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Dark Dimension

Of late, the world has seen some very evil men engaged in the destruction of fellow human beings. This rather bleak poem reflects this reality. I remain optimistic. In Munich, a hash tag was used meaning "open doors", ordinary people offering refuge and shelter to those caught up in the terror attacks. There are more "good samaritans" than we might think, but we should not be naive in our optimism: there are also those consumed by evil, reflected in the images of this poem.

The Dark Dimension

Onward, death comes riding,
marching as to war
A skeleton in armour
going on before
Death, the final horseman
Turning friend to foe
Forward into battle,
Lets destruction flow

There can be no triumph
And innocents to flee
Bullets flying, bomb explodes
There is no victory
Hell ‘s chains are unbound
False the shouts of praise
The crying of unholy voices
As the death tolls raise

Dark the unseen army
Following their god
Plotting, planning, killing
Blood where children trod
Make the world divided
Distrust twixt you and me
The shadow angel’s doctrine
Ending charity

Onward, fleeing migrants
Seeking happy throng
Want to escape the bloodshed
That evil triumph song;
False glory and no honour
Cold comes the Grey King
No wisdom and no sages
Death his anthem sing.

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