Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dave’s Dummies Guide to the 2016 Senatorial By-Election

My post today is a guest posting from Dave Cabeldu. What it aims to to is to provide one person's review of the candidates and how they appear. I think he paints a pretty accurate picture, and I'm certain that the Senator chosen will be from one of the following four candidates: Christian May, John Young, Sam Mezec and Sarah Ferguson although, as was said in the Morcambe and Wise sketch, not necessarily in that order. I'm personally wavering between two of those and am still undecided.

Coming soon will be a series of questions and answers posed by Save Our Shoreline, which I have been given permission to publish. These are very pertinent and necessary questions, and I think the responses will be an additional help in aiding voters to decide whom to vote for.


Below is my brief appraisal of the candidates and their likely aspirations from now until the next general elections in 2018. (In alphabetical order)

ALVIN AARON - Probably wished he hadn’t started - The questions were all a bit too much. So he left the stage in St. Clement after only Round 2 to research. Despite his island tour and Facebook posts, I doubt we will see him in 2018.

MIKE DUN - Highly intelligent and diligent, he has worked hard for the community and championed social rights. Mike has attended every Scrutiny meeting there has been. I believe he knows he won’t get in but wants a platform to air post BREXIT issues. In that sense he has succeeded in raising awareness and promoting discussion.

GUY DE FAYE - Good speaker and can be very droll, but gave us an out of date overpriced ugly incinerator - whose construction (with -a later admitted - defective E.I.A.) extensively polluted the Ramsar Area. I just can’t let that one go. Can’t see him doing too much cage rattling, as he knows the old crowd pretty well. Sorry Guy!

SARAH FERGUSON - Proven ability, bulldog spirit, massive experience and is a good cage rattler. Answers every email (how many States Members do that?) and she does what she says on the tin. (We won’t mention climate change though!) Unfortunately narrowly ousted by the ‘Dark Magician’ in the last general election and it clearly rankles. One of the favourites.

NICK LE CORNU - Good talker but can be condescending to his audience (which they don’t like) and seems very bitter towards the press who he blames for his last departure. He has some good social policies and would work hard to achieve them. But I can’t see him appealing island wide in a Senatorial election. Nick would be better placed to fight one of the St Helier Deputy seats in 2018.

STEVIE OCEAN - Whatever’s going on here (a double bluff?). I was initially amazed to learn that he advises the COM on what to invest in the strategic reserve and of his hot line to the PM and other crucial links, which he says, the COM will need. Then Darius set me straight. Seems a lot of energy to expend for an experiment!

CHRISTIAN MAY - Did well with People’s Park (as he is keen to point out!) Is very organised and able, with specific policies. if he doesn’t make it here will definitely get elected in 2018. I was a bit troubled (initially) to read that he is ‘willing to work with the COM’ - in that he could ‘do a Murray’. But after talking to him, I trust him not to. (He said that he would refuse to be an assistant minister if asked in this government.) He is independent and clearly a contender.

SAM MEZEC - Sam’s enthusiasm and hard work is well known. I have plenty of time for him but he does need more life experience. Sam can rattle cages with the best, but he is already there! He could cost us another good cage rattler - if he got in it would cause another by - election for his Deputy’s seat, and a numpty may get in there. That’s my worry and why I won’t be voting for him until 2018 (if he still stands for Senator.) Sorry Sam!

MARY O’KEEFE BURGHER - Ms OKB is hard wired to the establishment - at least she honestly advertises the fact. Reform? perish the thought! the COM needs to be stronger! With her in it of maybe? And she is laying the ground for 2018, and spending a fortune. Short on environmental knowledge and hard policies so probably ideal current COM fodder. (Susie can show her the ropes and discuss her plan to bring in dog licences).

HUGH RAYMOND - Good self publicist - an establishment candidate. No clear policy on reform other than he favours the retention of Constables in the States. Stood in the last election for Deputy of Trinity and did well. But no fined up policies: e.g. Immigration; ‘We have to consider our needs and prepare for the future’ ; We need a strong economy; etc. etc. Probably looking to get his name out there for the 2018 general election and would probably succeed.

JOHN YOUNG - John has a proven track record of cutting through the red tape and getting propositions into the States- and many have succeeded. He is thoroughly clued up and always well researched, has amazing stamina and is a thoroughly nice chap. The COM know he is 100% spot on and a danger to them - he is way more intelligent than most of them. And he is very effective. He has my vote to do the most good for the island in the 20 months available.

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