Saturday, 6 August 2016

Time of the Wolf

My friend Heather thought she saw the dark outline of a wolf in the distance, when she was walking in Jersey, down by Wolf's Lair. I've not heard of any hauntings in this area, but it did provide inspiration for this somewhat spooky poem. There is an area of Jersey called Egypt, perhaps because of some gypsy connection in the past, and the winding track that leads down is full of trees, streams, a ruined house, and at the bottom, a small cottage named Wolf's Lair. As far as I know there have been no wolves in Jersey, spectral or otherwise. But what if there were?

Time of the Wolf

Past the old house, a falling ruin
And down along the gypsy way
Where fresh sea breeze is blowing in
Time of the wolf, time of gray

Dusky shadows between the trees
And twilight coming, the end of day
Light is fading, cool breeze from seas
Time of the wolf, time of gray

Moonlight beams graze the night
Dappled light shines, branches sway
Gales blowing in, time for a fright
Time of the wolf, time of gray

By Wolf’s Lair in Egypt, so they say
A wolf flits into sight at end of day

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