Saturday, 13 August 2016

Elemental Truths

This poem is adapted from a hymn, but given a more pagan flavour. When I began it, I didn't quite know where it would end, but the themes of elements and the way in which we take strength from our roots in our planet seemed to be emerging.

Elemental Truths

Sacred the flame, and fire the essence
And my roots are so deep in the earth
Holy well is the key, living water in me
And the wind blows so softly in silence

The core of the earth, a magnetic moment
And so blessed by the earth mother’s love
The moon and the tide, bring motion inside
Gravity’s rainbow caresses in silence

The ways of the world, distract from this presence
Of walking true paths, sacred ways
And men hurt and maim, to our terrible shame
And we heal in our grove in the silence

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