Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Dream of Yesterday

The following poem is based on a dream. Annie's birthday is October 1st. She died on the 13th October 2009. I don't often write poems based on dreams, but this was very vivid, and I hadn't dreamed of Annie for ages although I think of her often. To dream of her was both joyful and bitter sweet.

A Dream of Yesterday

The sky was dark, clouds wreathed the moon
And last night I dreamed of Annie, once again
The time is approaching now, that time so soon
The mountains in the distance, rocks of pain

I did not think why she was there, and alive
Dreaming, nothing questioned, all is real
A land where the past remains to survive
Where the sleeping mind can softly heal

She seemed much younger; I do recall
Almost as if it was the very day we met
And there was no barrier, no final wall
A very comfort when troubles so beset

Last night I dreamed of Annie, in my sleep
And waking, I remember, and I weep

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