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Revolution Club News

Centenier Don Filleul at "The Rev"

From the Catholic Herald 1973 comes this story. If anyone has any memories of the "Revolution Club", please let me know and I can add them her, or if you recognise any of the youngsters in the photo.

Lots of people remember this fondly, and one of my correspondents informs me that the boys in the photo were (but not necessarily in that order as in the photo): Shane Perrier, Travis Olver, Tony Robson, Dave O'Brian and Steve Philpott.

Another correspondent remembers Father Isherwood and Sister Angela from those days at "The Rev" as it was popularly called. She writes:

"Father Isherwood was the main force behind the "Rev" this picture [below] was published in the July 1973 Catholic Record on the occasion of the re-opening of the renovated club.. sadly it is a little grainy. I have a few others of the coffee bar area equally grainy..."

"Father Isherwood RIP was a 'modern' priest and quite trendy and rebellious in his ways.. He was a lovely man... It was him that kept the 'Rev' going in the early days when every one was trying to close it down!"

Father Isherwood

Revolution Club News

Ii is good to make front page news in the local press, especially when there's a photo, and they say nice things about us! Our photo, taken by David Fry, and the block kindly supplied by courtesy of the J.E.P. shows Centenier Don Filleul on his pre-election rounds making social contact with some of the many teenagers who frequent the Club.

As usual, during the summer holidays, we opened up an extra night and did our part in catering for the Island's youth. We are happy to report that more regular contact is being established between the Club members and the police forces, both uniformed and honorary. When the neighbours we a police car parked outside the Club, it does not mean that we have trouble, it just means it couple of officers are probably `inside' having a coffee and a chat (public relations kind!) with the members.

With a regular 250 plus attendance when we open at the week end, we always look forward to welcoming new helpers. If you are between 18 and 81 and are interested in finding out how a well run (no lynching) youth club runs, why not come along  some time between 8 to 10.30 on a Saturday or 8 to 10 p.m. on a Sunday. If you're really ventures some you may even go up to the discotheque and experience a sensation that has to be seen (and felt) to be believed!

We offer one of our Leaders, Frank Marquer and his family, our deepest sympathy on the death of his wife Mary. Although she has been virtually bed-bound for a long time she was very interested in the working of the Club, and didcome down on several occasions, and while at home did sterling work in keeping our filing system in order.

We've had a phone installed! For the use of club members (and parishioners) we've installed a phone in the passage way just outside the coffee bar door. Our number is Central 31904 and is manned during club hours.

Life Boat Appeal: Recent activities of the Jersey Life Boat and her crew have been in the news, as has the appeal for a new, faster life boat. The club has joined in the appeal by sending off a cheque for £50 to the Fund. 

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James said...

For what it's worth - a glance into the Jersey Archive catalogue indicates that Frank Marquer was already involved in Catholic youth work in 1971-2, and also that the last reference they have in the Catholic Herald to the Revolution Club dates to summer 1976. The archive also holds eight or ten copper photographic plates in cold storage - they say that hi-resolution digital images can be generated if requested.