Saturday, 7 January 2017



There is no pattern in the stars, and yet we make one,
as did the Magi, when they discerned the Son,
and followed their own arithmancy in a star,
leading them ever onwards and afar.

Yet patterns point so many different ways,
and the star seekers saw with only partial gaze
and so came instead to Herod’s court
rather than to the King they sought.

Herod falsely spoke of homage to the new-born king
that he might come and worship sing,
and so departing they went on to find
where was born the Saviour of Mankind.

So at last, they came to the house in which he lay
and there to pay homage, came to stay
with Joseph, Mary, and their infant Jesus there
and knelt in humility and prayer.

Gifts they brought to the child, of portent yet to be
gold for a king, frankincense to worship One they see
and myrrh to celebrate and mourn a time to die
in all this, the gifts of the magi did imply.

Two thousand years have passed as we partake this mass
and all the magi foretold has come to be, and yet surpass
all expectation, as we come to celebrate this epiphany
in which this child came to set us free.

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