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January 1978: Some Jersey News

January 1978

I thought it might be interesting to look back at news stories from January 1978, which I came across while looking for any mention of Jean Herbert, who died that year.

It is interesting how some things are very different - imagine a debate on birching! - but others are very familiar, such as crime, bad weather, pensioners Christmas bonuses and landslides in Rozel. Unemployment is far worse.

It was sad to read of the Sarnia sold for scrap. And Belle Vue Pleasure Park no longer exists.

Miscellaneous News

While Britain struggles with mass unemployment and all is allied social problems. Jersey can afford to smile with a workforce over 30,000 the Island's out of work numbered 152.

The Rev. Peter Newby. former Vicar of Gouray. was licensed as Chaplain to the Hospitals Group.

A new move by Social Security Committee means that some sort of States Christmas bonus for pensioners seems assured.

A car sticker campaign is urging the return of Senator Dick Shenton to the presidency of the Broadcasting Committee.

The States set up a special committee to make arrangements for the June visit of the Queen and Prince Philip.

Sport and Gambling and Tourism

For the first time in more than 50 years. the dice game Crown and Anchor was banned from the race on 2nd January at the point-to-point horse race meeting at Les Landes.

IDC president, Senator Dick Shenton said today that his committee will he thinking hard and fast about asking the States for more powers to control the licensing of betting shops.

Mr. David de Carteret was been appointed marketing and promotions manager at Fort Regent and will be directly responsible to the Fort's Director, Mr. Peter Smyth. The creation of this new post is due to the fort's expansion.

Plans for a first International Channel Islands Boat Show, to he held in Guernsey from May 1-6 were announced in St. Peter Port today. Plans to hold a similar show in Jersey in 1979 were "almost finalised." with Fort Regent and La Collette marina as suggested venues.

An agreement between airlines to present joint application for fare increases in the British Isles has been broken up. There are hopes that this will make it easier for Jersey to get a better deal on a fares and get charter flights introduced from North of England airports.

Belle Vue Pleasure Park have been given the go ahead by the IDC to convert their mini-golf area into a skateboard park.


There was a bi-election as Deputy George Simon was elected Jurat. On 3rd January,Mr. Stuart Lockier, of Halberton Private Hotel. West Park Avenue, decided to seek nomination.

Elections which will determine Jersey's path all the way to 1984 are already occupying a small corner at the back of the Island politicians minds. For 1978 is general election year - a year in which trade union power enters the electoral ring and the presidents of five of the most important States Committees have to decide whether or not to come back to face the voters.

States by-election candidate Mr. Stuart Lockier has refused to share a public meeting with his Communist rival, ex-Deputv Norman Le Brocq. The by-election for a Deputy's seat in St. Helier No. 3 District takes place on Wednesday. January 25, but as far as Mr. Lockier is concerned there will be "no public meetings at all."

Jersey Democratic Movement candidate Mr. Norman Le Brocq won a resounding victory at the St. Helier No. 3 District States by-election, and the win was described by the JDM as "a good forecast for the year's general elections.”

Fires and Landslides

Fire badly damaged offices at R and V Furnishings on the Esplanade. Little stock was damaged because of prompt action by police and firemen.

Four flats were evacuated at Rozel early in the morning after a wall and part of a drive slid about 60 ft. down a slope. The landslide started at about 7.30 when earth and tree roots loosened by last week's steady rain, came down the slope at the rear of the White House, flats. Rozel Pier, a property owned by Mr. Bill Sarre and divided into five

Legal News and Policing

A wife in Jersey who is officially separated from her husband but is forced to live under the same roof' may in future he awarded maintenance costs. In a written judgement at the Petty Debts Court, the Judge, Mr. R. J. Short. said he had decided to award £60 to Mrs. G. C. Le Mottee, even though she lived in her husband's home.

Birching may be taken off Jersey's statute hooks it the European Court of Human Rights sitting in Strasbourg today, decides it is a breach of the European human right convention.

"Bring back the birch" is the overwhelming message to the Courts front the Jersey Evening Post readers.

A senior Manx politician warned today that the birching issue poses a constitutional threat not only to the Isle of Man but also to the Channel Isles.

The police are looking for a man who has approached people late at night and demanded money from them at knife-point.

Police and Customs officers have seized cocaine and cannabis following two early morning swoops, and a quantity of dangerous drugs, thought to have been stolen from the General Hospital, has been recovered.

The Royal Court today issues a warning that it is determined to stop hooliganism and violence at the Weighbridge. The Court sent to prison two youths who pushed and kicked an elderly man in an unprovoked attack in the Weighbridge area.

A man and a teenage girl were shot at night in the High Street, St. Aubin. They managed to get to a hotel to call the police and neither are seriously injured.

Roadside News

Parking facilities for the disabled are to move from Bath Street to Vine Street, the Public Works Committee have decided.

A warning to motorists who fail to report accidents they are involved in was given by the Assistant Magistrate, Mr. R. J. Short.

Full-time students of Highlands College will have their concessionary bus fares restored. This comes a week after the JMT stopped the concession to Highlands students at the start of the current term. –

Traffic jams caused long delays for the motorists when the west-bound carriageway of the Esplanade was closed. Strong winds at high tide sent waves over the seawall, showering the road with small stones. Queues built-up along Victoria Avenue and also on the approach roads from the east. - Winds of near-hurricane force lashed the Channel Islands in one of the worst storms for years.

Icy roads caused a crop of early morning accidents, which in turn caused some of the worst traffic jams ever experienced by commuters from the west of the island.

Business News

Local shop-keepers are up in arms over a directive by the by Jersey Milk Marketing Board that they must not deliver milk.

The glass company. Insul-Glaze (Jersey) Ltd., which employs more than 40 people, has been saved from possible liquidation - by a Guernsey resident. At a meeting of creditors, a scheme was agreed which will hopefully overcome the company's financial problems.

Milkmen this morning banned deliveries of milk to two shopkeepers who have refused to sign a "no home deliveries' agreement with the Milk Marketing Board.

Local staff employed by the clearing banks will be asked today whether they want to take industrial action to support their claim for a local wages agreement. An assistant secretary of the National Union of Bank Employees, Mr. John Hargreaves, said from London that the clearing banks had "flatly refused" to consider negotiating a separate local Agreement.

The dispute between Island grocers and milk rounds men employed by the Jersey Milk Marketing Board is over. It has been decided to amend the "no delivery" clause in the sales agreement, to allow retailers to deliver milk under certain circumstances

British Airways clerical staff at Jersey Airport this morning staged a 30-minute "walkout" in support of a claim for parity with their United Kingdom colleagues.

The Licensed Victuallers Association in Jersey are considering joining the National Association of Licensed House Managers in order that members "will know where they stand" and establish greater security in their jobs, secretary Mr. Terry Groom said.

Property and Building News

The familiar corner site and round tower of Bel Royal Garages will disappear for ever. Demolition contractors will be moving into the property, and a landmark which has stood at the western entrance to Victoria Avenue for more than 40 years will come down.

Builders Lionel du Val Ltd, have been "taken off" the Maufant estate development and as a result they say they are considering taking legal action against the Housing Committee. In a brief statement issued today the president of Housing, Senator John Le Marquand, said that the builders had failed to comply with it letter from the States Architects concerning severe defects to houses on the estate.

A further £1,225,000 to complete La Collette reclamation project was granted by the States. The extra money is needed due to inflation


The former British Rail Cl passenger ferry Sarnia is being offered as scrap for £80,000.

The new British Rail steamer, Earl William, starts her service between Portsmouth and Jersey on 16th January.

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