Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tony's All Time Top Ten

Top Ten at the end of 2016

My top ten blogs postings, with numbers of views (according to Google).

Sifting Saville - Part 2
4 Oct 2012

A look at some of the stranger stories clustering about Saville, and how to sift fact from fiction.

Is Jersey moving to a Cayman Island model economy?...
24 Jan 2016

An economy where direct tax is zero, but indirect taxes (of one sort or another) have gone up: result being that those at the bottom stay trapped in poverty. Could Jersey's fixation with a 20% tax rate lead to similar trends?

The Terminological Inexactitude of Sir Philip Bailhache
28 Oct 2015

Picked up by Carswell, the area the former Bailiff was remarkably taciturn about: “Under Standing Orders the arrangements are that when a Member wishes to lodge a proposition he or she needs to have the consent of the Bailiff before it is an option.” Otherwise known as a pre-proposition veto, it has been misused in the past.

Kafka in Jersey
15 Jan 2009

The case of the dismissal of Karen Huchet, and the lack of transparency over the whole suspension process, gives the lie to “suspension is a neutral act”.

Where the Bradford Factor goes Bad
27 May 2015

Still among the top-ranking postings, the spurious academic origins of this method of analysing absenteeism, and its defects and unintended consequences.

Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah's Ark
24 Dec 2012

A rather critical look at this TV show, which was full of anecdote but little substance, and a look at the sources of the flood stories and how to understand them.

Poor Signage in Tunnell Street
5 Jul 2016

A photographic examination of the way in which poor signage and cues (lack of clear pavement) make this part of Tunnell Street, the site of a tragic accident, dangerous and in need of remediation.

Fiscal Fantasyland
25 Oct 2016

A look at the Logfiller saga, and the lack of decent due diligence and guarantees on the part of the States Innovation Fund, which led to the money vanishing, and the product transferred (royalty free) to an American company with similar ownership.

Against Stupidity
12 Oct 2016

A look at the consequences of clashes between political will and economic reality, considering the Euro and the Brexit vote.

Auld Mortality
27 Nov 2016

A look at how close we are to death, and how precious life is.

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