Monday, 20 February 2017

The Lyndon Farnham Portfolio of Political Expressions

Vote for me: The Estate Agent Pose

Practising the secret "Council of Ministers" handshake

Waiting for that boat to come in

5 hours later... still waiting for that boat to come in!!

Remembering when he was a humble backbencher

Modelling for Rodin's "The Poseur"

Why do people think I sit on the fence?

In front of the latest failure from the States Innovation Fund, plagued by mistakes.

Trying to look like a heavyweight politician

Eventually your boat may come in.... or not!

At the launch of the Rural Economy Strategy. Don't mention Food Security!

Still trying to climb the greasy ladder...!

And I though I'd end on a nice note for Lyndham...

My politics are about hope, health, vigour, vitality and opportunity for all

1 comment:

James said...

We need a picture of him with a non-stick frying pan, subtitled the Teflon Don.