Monday, 6 February 2017

The States BC

Option BC

The States, in their collective wisdom (not sure that is quite the right noun) decided on reform (but not Reform, which is a political party). This reform (with a small "r") was a muddled combination of Option B and Option C in the last election, which we may call Option BC.

Under Option BC, we keep the Senators, and they are to retain the same robes of office worn by the Senators when they ambushed Julius Caesar in the Senate House.

Here is what a Senator in the States will be wearing under the new Reform plans:

The Deputies, in the meantime, leave the comfort zone of their Parishes, and move to the wild reaches of large constituencies. Here is what a Deputy will be wearing in the district to be known as the Wild West:

The gun is an optional extra for persuading members of the electorate to vote. I think we will see higher numbers!

Meanwhile, a new Underground rail service will be built to take voters to the polls in North Central and East Central. This will be called the Central Line.

And finally, the Constables will be still there, on their daily beat, keeping the peace in the Parishes. An example of the new outfits for Constables is shown below:

Where will polling stations be? Will hustings be held? Who will win in the game called "musical Deputy chairs"? Who knows? Who cares? Who can make sense of it all?

A voters lot is not a happy one!

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