Monday, 27 February 2017

The Rainbow of the Year

From "The Pilot", 1967, I found this rather nice poem by Catherine Giles. If anyone knows anything about her, I'd be most interested to know. I believe she was the wife of Alan Giles, Dean of Jersey from 1959 to 1971.

The Rainbow of the Year
Catherine Giles, Feb 1967

January was white
     The sombre snow-clouds drifting o'er our
Melted. at touch of some magician's wand.
     And in a moment all the air was filled
With myriad flakes, as light as gossamer,
     And white as feathers from an angel's wings.
Beneath the microscope's all-seeing eve
     Each tiny flake resealed within itself.
A fairyland where crystal flowers and stars
     Emerged in lacy gleaming symmetry
Of exquisite design. They floated, swirled
     From heaven in white profusion till the
Itself was as one vast snow-decked fairy land.
     Where root and road. and galley, field and
Were mantled all in white: where every wall
     And every tree's dark gown was ermine-
A strange white hush embraced the sleeping
But. e'er she woke from her soft bosom
A small white flower, the first-born of the snow
     While on the prunus bough not yet in leaf.
White blossoms twinkled like the stars of
     Above a cold World.

          January was white.
But February is yellow. Now the sun:
     Sits higher in the trees. and shines less pale.
From o'er the Western hill a yellow light
     Streams earthward through the lengthening
The snow has `gone: now. from her leafy bed.
     The yellow aconite peeps. starry-eyed.
And Winter jasmine winks his yellow eyes
     Among the evergreens which climb the wall.
In garden borders. greedy sparrows drain
     The crocus goblets of their golden wine:
While. in the fields, the budding daffodils
     Shake out their frilly dresses, and unfold
Their yellow bonnets for another Spring.
          February is yellow.

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