Friday, 3 November 2017

Madeira and Hotel L'Horizon

This house used to be in St Brelade's Bay, just below the brook. It was lived in for many years by the Le Marquand and Shepard families, until it passed to Rona Nicolson (nee Le Marquand), who was living in Canada, and who sold it to Hotel L'Horizon; they knocked down the building, and extended to include the swimming pool and new building.

Here is an account from a Hotel L'Horizon newsletter, produced by John Wileman when he was General Manager at the hotel. The date is uncertain.

Old Madeira

Sitting in the Pool Restaurant at lunch the other day were resident guests from Room 258, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd.

"Do you remember Madeira; - the house?" they asked. "Why, - yes, of course," I replied. "When we came to build the hotel's swimming pool," I explained, "we had no need to dig a hole, the pool simply filled what was the cellar of the old house."

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd then pulled out a photograph taken in the garden of Madeira. We then went out of the Pool Entrance doors and stood on the very spot where this photograph was taken. 

Mrs. Le Marquand is the elderly lady on the left of the photograph. Many of us remember her. In the centre is Mrs. Lloyd. The photograph was taken by Mr. Lloyd

Note the roadside sign "Coffees, Teas and Minerals."

We do that sort of thing nowadays come to think of it.

Not to be outdone, Joe. O'Farrell (Head Hall Porter) had to show us some photos which he had had taken outside Madeira. - Handsome lad, Joe!

We'll do anything at L'Horizon

World Travel Market again

We're terribly lucky at L'Horizon to be able to use Don Coombe's business flat when we're in London.

We did in fact use it when we were over for the World Travel Market. - And we shared it with a wonderful Texan from Dallas, - Max McCrary, but thats another story.

Because we were on the 36th floor of Shakespeare Tower in the Barbican, we were dismayed one morning when there was a power cut.

No alternative but to hoof it down the fire escape. It took us just over a quarter of an hour, - and that was not sliding down the banisters.

See apt cartoon:

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