Friday, 23 October 2009

Eden Lost

Annie Parmeter had many talents, and here is an example in a poem she wrote. This poem was published in the National poetry Anthology 2005. It shows her love of the sea - like me, she never liked to be too far away from the coast of Jersey, and I can image her at one of her favourite locations, the windswept cliff tops above Beauport Bay, when she wrote this poem.

Wither blows the wind
Carrying the thoughts
Of a thousand long-lost souls
Hopes and dreams
Borne skywards on a prayer?
To find voice upon the ocean
Amidst clamouring seagull hordes?
Whistling high above the cliff-tops
Through darkly creaking pines?
Or to dissipate unheard into nothingness?
Maybe sometimes to fall as the rain
Be nurtured and bear fruit
Too long the barren earth has waited
For the seeds of life and love
To nourish that divine forgotten heart.

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